New Kinkeliba Tea Arrival!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new kinkeliba leaf tea offering for our site patron supporters! All customers whose orders are shipping on or after February 6, 2022 will be receiving this new arrival fresh, wildcrafted, sun-dried kinkeliba leaf tea, handpicked from wild growing plants throughout West Africa, cut for brewing pots of tea and perfect for personal brewing with our organic muslin reusable tea bags or small tea strainers. It is rare to find this quality kinkeliba in the U.S., with the taste of the young green leaf shining through as you feel the healing properties of this sacred leaf bless you with every sip. We are honored to present this new arrival kinkeliba, brought to you from the amazing dedicated and hardworking wildcrafters and artisans we are honored to call our partners. Select 8oz. size or 1lb. size kinkeliba tea in our shop, along with traditional & house kinkeliba tea blends, herb powders and skincare products in the shop.