About Kinkeliba.net

seh-haw kinkeliba combretum micranthum benefits

Kinkeliba.net is a site dedicated to the mystical superfood, tonic and medicinal herb from West Africa, Combretum micranthum. The French called it kinkeliba (health tree) or la tisane de longue vie, “the infusion of long life.” The Sufi Master of Senegal, Cheikh Amadou Bamba Mbacke, reasserted the ancestors’ name for the herb: Seh-haw. It was Cheikh Amadou Bamba that preserved the use of the plant during the Colonial Period and its surviving use in France and West Africa can be traced to his recommendation. The French, who attempted to assassinate the Sufi mystic during his long period of exile, gradually learned of the divine power and wisdom of this saint, and they too began to drink the tea, importing tens of thousands of tons to France and entering it in their official pharmacopeia.

Kinkeliba.net serves as a reference, repository and study aid to all researchers of this amazing, healing herb. We will publish articles, scientific research, videos, and discuss issues such as biopiracy and bioethics. We support herbalists and harvesters with a fair-trade ethic in acquiring our materials and for sharing them with you. We are proud to partner with Saafara West African Herbal Teas, the first company in America to box and bag the wild grown herbs, cut & sifted, in silk pyramid sachets, run by Senegalese native Ismael Diagne. In addition we present some traditional and modern blends of kinkeliba for your health and enjoyment.

Kinkeliba.net is a celebration of this magical plant, a source for traditional and modern ways to enjoy its benefits, and a library for the research articles, legal cases, and folklore of the plant.  Thank you for visiting.