“A means of cure for every ailment except death.”

It was recorded that the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) stated “The Black Seed is a means of cure for every ailment except death,” and this hadith remains a well-known saying about the black seed, known by its botanic name Nigella sativa. Scientific studies have only confirmed the myriad of healing benefits of black seed, for it contains over 100 beneficial compounds that work in synergy to signal the immune system to fight infection, inflammation, defend from virus and other imbalances and stresses to improve the bodily condition. Recorded sayings of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) also include multiple mentions of the healing power of honey, and this translates to the Unani Tibb traditional medicine system indication for the traditional use of black seed oil together with honey for medicinal application.

Black Seed & Black Seed Oil

Some 2400 years after the Prophet Muhammed uttered this statement regarding the black seed, the very same words were uttered by the modern saint of Touba, Senegal: Amadou Bamba (PBUH); however they were not in reference to the black seed, but to the West African native shrub known today as Kinkeliba (latin name: Combretum micranthum). Scientific studies likewise confirm the grand spectrum of medicinal healing applications of kinkeliba, whose wealth of beneficial compounds aid the function of the digestive system and lower organs, which are vital to good health and long life. Like black seed in the oil form, kinkeliba in tea form is also used topically for improving skin and hair health. Serigne Touba gave a holy name to the sacred kinkeliba herb: sexao (seh~haw). The ancestors passed down the tradition to call kinkeliba by its holy name, whispering one’s health concerns over the cup to call upon the spiritual healing properties of the sexao herb.*

The Kinkeliba Shrub

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